Live Stock Masterclass

Live Trading with Dr. Alexander Elder, a professional trader and best-selling author

This live trading session is an unique opportunity for anyone interested in stock trading and investing, offering direct insights from one of the world’s top trading teachers – Dr. Alexander Elder! This event is specifically designed to provide practical, real-life trading experiences.

The Live Day Trading will of course include the essential “4 M’s” for which Dr. Elder is famous:

  • Mind: learn the best tool for developing discipline.
  • Method: how to select indicators and trading systems.
  • Money: set proper stops, targets, and manage trade sizing.
  • Management: daily and weekly homework, scanning.

Class will begin an hour before the US stock market opens. We will look for trading opportunities across a wide range of markets: stocks, futures, and currencies. We will focus on placing orders, monitoring trades, managing them, and exiting trades. We will explore opportunities as well as dangers in intraday timeframes. We will discuss the psychology of day trading in our class.

After the class you will receive free access for one month to Dr Elder’s monthly private webinars and weekend stock scans. 



14:15 - 14:45
14:45 - 16:00
16:00 - 16:15
Coffee break
16:15 - 18:30
Live Trading
18:30 - 18:45
Coffee break
18:45 - 20:00
Live Trading and Q&A


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